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Mistakes To Avoid In Finding Assisted Living

Get the facts from someone other than facilities operators themselves

It’s a regrettable situation, but operators and marketers of assisted living centers are under considerable pressure to keep their facilities full. This can lead to misrepresenting the facts. For instance, some may say their facilities are skilled at caring for dementia residents, when the truth is that they have very little such experience. CarePatrol removes this possibility by providing information like this based on fact, not promises.

Don’t make a choice because it seemed good for someone else

Facilities differ greatly in their skills and amenities. A place that’s good for one person isn’t necessarily a good fit for another. Your workmate’s mother can be doing well at her facility, but she may have needs much different than you or our loved one. CarePatrol knows the facilities and can guide your choice.

Don’t choose by appearance alone

It is shockingly common for expensive facilities that look wonderful to be cited for violating regulations. So, beauty should not be your goal. You could buy an expensive car, but if its transmission were faulty, you wouldn’t enjoy it much. Stick with facilities that score well in the important things.

Ignore the advice of experts in other fields

Your doctor or social worker is no doubt expert in what they do. But they don’t have time to research assisted care and nursing facilities. Often what they know is word-of-mouth. If you get a recommendation from them, ask how often they’ve visited and whether they’ve actually researched the facility’s survey record.